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HapiTones.com Hapi Drum

Watch a video demo of the HAPI Drum:
This demo shows some of the basic ways of playing as well as some more advanced techniques that can be used to play the HAPI drum, including percussive tapping, muting notes, and general funky fun with the HAPI.
Anyone can make happy music with a HAPI Drum!

The HAPI Drum uses a pentatonic scale so that even players without any musical background can play any note combination and still produce beautiful sounds.

The HAPI is just as at home outside in the garden, around the campfire, jamming with friends, or in the music studio.
The unique tone of the HAPI Drum, available at HapiTones.com is created by a tuned vibrating tongue of steel. HAPI Drums now come in 4 different sizes and models: our original instrument, the HAPI Origin, the larger HAPI UFO Drum, the HAPI Slim Drum, and its new little brother, a mini HAPI Drum, aptly named the HAPI Mini Drum, the little HAPI with a BIG sound! The concept is similar to a wooden tongue drum. When a tongue is quickly and lightly struck with the finger or mallet, it vibrates creating sound waves. Playing a HAPI is similar to playing the Hang Drum, though the similarities end there, as it is a totally different type of musical instrument. By changing the shape and length of the tongue, optimal vibration and perfect tone is achieved. By arranging the notes in a unique way each note, when struck, excites surrounding notes that are musically compatible with it. This adds to the harmonic spectrum of the tone. Rather than just one tone it can now create a spectrum of supporting sound for each note. The tone is similar to singing bowls or musical bells which create multiple harmonic overtones. The body of the drum acts as a resonating chamber adding depth to the note. An opening port in the bottom of the drum serves three functions. The bottom hole allows the sound to escape and increases the volume. It releases the tone from the body so that the notes do not overlap each other too much. This is especially desirable for faster playing. It allows the player to open or close the port with their lap and chose different resonance levels for a different effect. The HAPI Drum has additional dampening of the notes and drum body to keep the drum from becoming discordant and “ringy”. The breakthrough proprietary technique built into each drum provides excellent resonance while supplying the correct amount of dampening.

The HAPI Drum is played with the pads of the fingers, or with soft mallets. A wide range of sounds can be created with different techniques. Playing by hand connects you with the drum in the way that traditional drums are enjoyed. A minimal amount of force creates a big sound on our drums. Our mallets eliminate the percussive “head slap” creating a very clear tone. The arrangement of the notes make going up and down the scale very easy. Also one hand can reach two or three notes simultaneously for chord playing. HAPI Drums are available in 5 different pentatonic scales in the keys of E and D with 8 notes.
Hapi Drum Colors
Can anyone play a HAPI? Sure! Anyone who wants an easy to play intuitive instrument can play one. You don't need a musical background to enjoy it. The HAPI Drum is ideal for jamming and playing percussive beats. The drum head layout makes it easy to jump right into grooving rhythms. Enjoy creating a soothing harmonic journey with your HAPI. You will love being able to add a melodic component to your beats. An intuitive arrangement to the notes makes it easy to explore new musical horizons. The strong meditative tones are calming and great for relaxing anytime, or kick it up a notch and play hard and fast. And because of its compact design you can take it outside and enjoy it in nature.

To purchase a HAPI Drum, or for more information, sound clips, videos and different models of HAPI's in different keys, please visit HapiTones.com and Get HAPI :)

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