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Aeolian Wind Harp

Sometimes called Harmonic Harps, wind harps originated in ancient Greece (circa 6 BC) and flourised throughout the Renaissance era. Aeolian Harps are rare, beautiful instruments designed to be played by the wind; free of the touch of human hands. Harmonic wind harps transpose the spirit of the wind into spontaneous, multi-layered music in time to nature's rhythms. Their vibrant voices sing pure harmonic tones that range from deep, pulsing bases to soaring sopranos. A variety of winds, harps, and string tunings combine on these selected recordings to produce an eclectic repertoire of definitive music.
Listen to a sample of the Grand Harp Greg Joly has been building Aeolian Harps of various sizes for over 20 years. Sizes range from smaller harps that can fit in door and window openings, to the Grand Harp pictured at left. Visit Greg's website at: www.harmonicwindharps.com

Built by Greg Joly, the Grand Aeolian Harp (pictured above left) stands 7.5' tall and is strung with forty-eight 5'2" strings. It plays a rich spectrum of powerful harmonic tones.


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