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Listen to a sample of the Bamboo Sax
Bamboo Saxophones

Carefully electronically tuned, Ángel Sampedro del Rio's Bamboo saxophones consist of segments of bamboo successively larger in diameter.

This progression has now been demonstrated by acoustical studies as the most harmonically effective.

The joints are extremely solid and resistant over time. They have keys that cover toneholes outside the reach of the fingers. Since 1985 he has developed and built this instrument, with equal attention to acoustic design and aesthetics.

Their interior is protected against changes of humidity, frequent in all wind instruments. The work with mouthpieces led him to use different bamboo types that give the instrument its own and characteristic sound.

They use conventional sax reeds, which can be acquired in any good musical store in the world. This improves the acoustic design and the fingering distribution.

The Bamboo sax is not an imitation of brass saxes, it is an instrument in its own right. They have certain differences and similarities.

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