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Listen to a sample of the Bazantar

Invented by Mark Deutsch, the Bazantar is a five-string acoustic bass, fitted with an additional twenty-nine sympathetic strings and four drone strings.

The instrument possesses a melodic range of over five octaves, while its sympathetic range spans four octaves. This results in an interplay between melodic, sympathetic, and drone strings which weaves an unexpected landscape of resonance that is remarkably rich in texture.

The extraordinary resonant sound of the Bazantar, whether bowed or plucked, is different from anything else you have heard.

Whether the bass half of this symbiotic creature is growling in the contraoctave, or singing two to three octaves higher up, there is an unsurpassed richness in sound.

Visit Mark's website at www.bazantar.com for more information about the Bazantar and the music he weaves with it.


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