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Listen to the bonang and gamelan instruments
The Bonang

One of the lead instruments in Javanese Gamelan music. The Bonang is composed of a double-row of horizontally mounted tuned bronze kettle gongs and is usually played with two padded beaters (tabuh). All of the kettles have a central boss, but around it the lower-pitched ones have a flattened head, while the higher ones have an arched one.
Each is tuned to a specific pitch in the appropriate scale; thus there are different bonang for pelog and slendro. They are typically hit with padded sticks (tabuh). This is similar to the other cradled gongs in the gamelan, the kethuk, kempyang, and kenong.This bonang belongs to the Southern California band "Monkey C" who play their own brand of Alternative Gamelan. Visit Monkey C at monkeyc.org


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