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Jay C. Easton is skilled on an array of woodwind instruments from around the world and across the centuries, including the gargantuan contrabass saxophone. He is one of the few musicians in the world to perform on the entire saxophone and clarinet families.

Visit jayeaston.com for a look into the musical world Jay is immerssed in, and see the many instruments he plays.
Listen to a sample of the monster
Contrabass saxophone in Eb

It's the biggest woodwind instrument there is. It plays a full octave below the baritone saxophone or bass clarinet; it's lowest note is the Db at the bottom of the piano keyboard, but its power and presence of sound is indescribable. There were about thirty of the instruments built over the last 80 years, but many of them are missing (how do you lose a seven-foot tall saxophone!?!), and only about six of them are in active use.

This particular model was built by Orsi of Milan for Jay C. Easton in 2000.

A large saxophone choir creates a truly amazing sound,and when a contrabass is added to the group, it magnifies the effect immeasurably!

As for saxophone quartets, while the baritone saxophone is a supremely flexible instrument, the contrabass adds a true low end to the group, and a creates an entirely new range of timbral possibilities. In a wind ensemble, the contrabass sax can be used to give the woodwinds equal footing with the low brass by transposing from contrabassoon, contrabass clarinet, or string bass parts.


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