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Electric Harp Guitar
Electric Harp Guitars

In 1987, guitar legend Michael Hedges (1953-1997) approached Steve Klein and asked him to make a modern acoustic harp guitar. After several attempts at creating drawings for an acoustic harp guitar, Steve Klein proposed an electric instrument, the Electric Harp Guitar on the left. Equipped with a headless 6-string neck for better balance, it also has a Steinberger Trans-Trem on it. The sub-bass strings are supported by three aluminum tubes in a triangular configuration.

The Electric Harp Guitar (at right) was made by musical artist Tim Donahue

The harp guitar is a musical instrument combining features found in the guitar and the harp. Originally manufactured as a "novelty" instrument, the harp strings are used as bass or drone strings, adding to the harmonic texture. Hybrid styles are possibly the rarest of all, although harp mandolins do exist.


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