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In 1995 Jon Rose built and played a barbed wire fence as part of the New Music Festival at Viitasaari, Finland. It was modeled on the border that separates Russia and Finland. Then came the idea to make an experimental radio work... an endless fence that circumnavigates the entire world, incorporating many of the conflict zones that seem unresolvable or remain as scars on the psychology of the people who must live on each side of these artificially created borders.
Listen to Jon playing the Great Fences of Australia

The Fence

Since the early 1980s, in addition to his work about the violin, Jon Rose has been building very long string instruments (up to 20 meters in length). These constructions found their original inspiration in the wind triggered outback Fences of Australia.

The Fence of course is one of the most powerful analogies for everything that separates, controls & isolates the human race; in particular when the Fence is used as a regional or national border.

Jon Rose is currently on a 16,000 kilometer musical journey across Australia visiting hundreds of the great fences, and playing them like musical instruments mainly with violin bows, and also documenting their history and the people affected by them.

Visit Jon Rose's website at jonroseweb.com to learn more about this artists music, projects, unique bowed instruments, as well as information on the Great Fences of Australia project.


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