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This band is seriously Tanked!

The musical instruments of the Gas Tank Orchestra
Gas Tank Orchestra

Gas Tank Orchestra is an experimental music group playing songs that range from avant-garde percussion to hypnotic, trance inducing melodies. The instruments were conceived of and built by Artist/Musician Gregory J. Wildes and are played by the heart of New Orleans glam-freak-ritual gurus. The instruments were created from car gas tanks off the streets, adapted with saw blades, wires, and PVC tubing. There is a full orchestra of sounds. A rhythm section with a stand up bass, slit drum, and kalimba. A horn section with clarinet, oboe, trombone, and didjeridoo; and a string section including a dulcimer, and harp.

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But this is not just noise, GTO has the strong pulsing rhythms of traditional drumming intertwined with the intriguing dimensions of Sun Ra.

With its experimental instrumentation, the primal quality becomes prehistoric industrial, and at times even melodic.

The Gas Tank Orchestra is an industrial party gathering. The great city of New Orleans and it's complex culture of French Quarter decadence and 9th ward decline combine inside electric scrap metal that billows rhythmic melodies that personify the district in which they were born.

For more information about GTO and their live performances and CD's, visit the GTO website


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