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Guitar Machine

The Guitar Machine was invented, designed and built by Eric Royer.

It is 100% mechanical, and is played with the feet, enabling Royer to function as a One Man Band, playing authentic bluegrass and old-time country music.

The first Guitar Machine was built in 1994, and since then three more versions have evolved from the original, each one being more playable and more portable.

At left:
Eric Royer in action, with Guitar Machine, lap dobro, banjo and harmonica.

The machine consists of an acoustic guitar, a bass guitar and a cowbell all suspended in a copper pipe frame.

Royer plays all three instruments by depressing pedals with both feet.

The pedals pull strings that cause several different movements on the machine, strings get plucked, capo things go up and down, a golf ball hits the cowbell, the "Pretty Polly" doll dances, etc...

Playing the machine with his feet enables Royer to keep his hands free to play his handbuilt lap dobro, as well as banjo and harmonica... all at the same time.

Click here to listen to a sample Royer playing the Guitar Machine, along with dobro and banjo.

Visit GuitarMachine.com for more info on the machine, and Royer's music, CD's and live gigs.


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