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Horns by Tommy DOG

The horns are made of brass piping and parts used for radiators, toilets and other household systems that require metal that is water resistant. The fittings, mouthpieces and the occasional bell are salvaged from a horn repair shop. The general sound of the horns invites a combination of didgeridoo and bugle styles of play and the tone holes extend pitch range and give the overall spirit of the instruments an Indian or Middle Eastern quality.

Horn players around New York and San Francisco have played them and find them to be amusing visually at first and then engaging when they realize that they have been designed as musical instruments and with the same care. They are available commercially but due to the variety of parts Tommy DOG comes in contact with, prices are determined on a project by project basis.

Visit www.tommydog.com for info relating to the music of Tommy DOG and instrument availability.


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