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Various Kazoos
Some of the various Kazoo shapes throughout kazoo history
Special thanks to Captain Kazoo for images and history.
Since the KAZOO is often advertised as being able to sound like every kind of musical instrument then it is only natural that they would be made in the various shapes of these instruments.
Listen to some Kazoos!

While humming is the term typically used to describe the technique required to play a kazoo, a more accurate term would be singing into the kazoo. Humming with your lips closed around the mouthpiece of the kazoo will not change the sound - you must vocalize or "sing" in order for the kazoo to make any sound. Many people will struggle with getting any sound from a kazoo when instructed to hum.
Classic Kazoo (Mirliton)

The classic Kazoo shape
The Kazoo as we know it today was designed and built by Alabama Vest and Thaddeus Von Clegg in Macon, Georgia In the early 1840's. In 1852 it was exhibited at the Georgia State Fair and was later manufactured under the name "Down South Submarine" because of its shape. It soon became the favorite of children and street musicians and then found its way into Jazz, Jug and Hillbilly bands.

Another crazy shaped Kazoo
For much more information about the Kazoo than one could ever wish for, plus a little more, please visit Captain Kazoo at www.captainkazoo.com for more history, pics, the Kazoo Museum, and tons of great videos!
The Kazoo (Mirliton)

The Mirliton (Kazoo) appeared in great numbers and in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials throughout Africa as far back as tribal history can trace.

The most prevalent style, found in many cultures, is a hollow tube with a hole in the middle covered with animal membrane and open at both ends .

Bone, reed, gourds, corn stalks, animal horns and even human skulls were used. The instrument was used to impersonate animals, the voices of the dead, to make terrifying sounds and to bring messages from the spirit world.

There is also evidence to indicate that an instrument of this general description has been used since prehistoric times by all cultures around the world to imitate animal sounds and as a means of communication. The Mirliton (KAZOO) could easily be regarded as one of mankind's first musical instruments.

Animal Bone Mirliton (Kazoo)
Animal shin-bone Mirliton

Pre-columbian Gourd Mirliton
Pre-columbian Gourd Mirliton

More Krazy Kazoo's!
Felix the Cat Kazoo



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