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Listen to a sample of the RidgeBow


Created by Wayland Harman, the RidgeBow is the work of over 10 years of experimentation, in a quest to improve upon the sound and harmonic amplitude of the traditional Mouthbow.

Currently constructed of black-willow with maple and walnut components. The bow is about 37 inches long and features a high quality enclosed guitar-type tuner, steel string, and Wayland's unique reed design that transfers more of the string's energy to the player's mouth. The overtones are strong and clear, as compared to other mouthbows which are inherently quiet instruments.

The string passes though the instrument body allowing one to strike on the front of the string while placing one's mouth on the back.

The tip of the bows frame is thinned to act as a spring which supports the reed, while allowing it to vibrate.


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