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Listen to the sounds of the Rumiphone
The Rumitone

The Rumitone is a tubular bell, sit-and-spin sculpture that explores the aural and visual possibilities of a whirling universe.

It is played by striking the bells with superball mallets.

The dancer/musicians fold in and around each other with gestures and dynamic shapes centered on the lotus-shaped instrument they are playing, all the while evoking the poetic roots that inspired this meditative yet dazzling instrument.

A Rumitone is a spinning percussion instrument. As it turns, he can play the different parts with mallets, bows, or his own breath. The giant Rumitone has a metal platform at its center big enough for two dancers. As it spins, the metal tubes that were once standing upright open outward like flower petals to reveal Mann and Lamblin like bumblebees in the middle.

Visit the sound and vision of Ela Lamblin and Leah Mann at Lelavision.com


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