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 The Skatar
The Skatar is a unique bass & guitar made from a skateboard. It has two separate pickups for each set of strings, bass and guitar. It is played (and sometimes ridden) by Keith Irish of the Orange County, California punk band "Punk as a Doornail" which mixes rock with the atonal avant-garde by means of the skatar. It must be played with a Hennessey gin bottle. Being a bass player, when asked to join the band as the guitarist, he didn't have a guitar, but owned a skateboard, so the Skatar was born, serving as both bass and guitar, as well as quick transportation from the stage to the bar.

Keith on Skatar. When not playing skatar Keith plays bass with his brothers in the rockabilly/punk/roots rhythm band The Irish Brothers

Get scarred by a sound sample of the Skatar


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