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Top left: Banana MK-II portable upright
Top right: 3-String-Sandwich tuned F-C-G
Bottom: Wish tests out another creation

Wishnevsky Basses

No one makes basses odder than
Steve "wish" Wishnevsky....enough said.

Specializing in custom fretless basses, Wish also makes traditional stand-up basses and archtop guitars.

If you can draw it, he can make it.

In Steve's own words, "Our basses are designed to maximize the acoustic coupling between the strings and the neck/body wood.

This produces a fine woody tone and lots of sustain. Our basses minimize the metal and electronics in between your hands and the amplifier, letting you control your tones instinctively, instantly, organically"

Visit Steve Wishnevsky's website for more info and odd instruments.



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