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Jim Bartz playing the StringStation.

Created by Jim Bartz, the StringStation has a total of 40 strings, with 7 independent outputs that are all processed separately into an automated mixer in a side rack with Eventide and Lexicon FX.  All sounds created are live strings. The Chapman Stick at the bottom is the bass element.

The three middle necks consist of three 8-string steel guitars with custom bridges--they aren't played with a slide, but fingerpicked in varied ways to get unique tones, tuned to some of Jim's favorite chords. And finally there is a custom 6-string with built in E-bow that is processed by a Roland VG-8 as well as fed direct. It's quite the sound maker and makes a very beautiful and cosmic sound. Designed to be a Surround Sound instrument, the true implementation of that idea awaits the patent pending next generation StringStation, which will also include many more features and innovations that will make the instrument more flexible, including midi parameter control and triggers.

Find out more about Bartz's music and art by visiting his website at: www.niia.net/~jdminc


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