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Oddmusic.com was launched in 1999. Initially designed as a small niche site for odd and experimental music lovers, it has far exceeded its original concept, gaining a broad worldwide audience, ranging from musical instrument inventors and musicians, to researchers, educators, students, curious web surfers, and fans of odd music world wide, opening a window to the world of odd, unique, experimental and unusual music and musical instruments.


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Oddmusic provides a space where instrument makers, artists and musicians can showcase their inventions and creations, as well as links to other interesting sound and music sites that offer a wealth of information and sound oriented content.

Oddmusic.com has been featured in many newspapers ranging from The New York Times to Australia's biggest newspaper The Herald Sun. The site has also been showcased and spotlighted by Yahoo!, EarthLink, BoingBoing, and many other Internet related organizations, as well as radio and television programs such as Entertainment Weekly. Oddmusic is proud to have also found its way into many schools and learning centers, ranging from kindergarten kids to university curriculums, such as the University of Washington, The Queensland Museum, various virtual campuses, America's Shrine to Music, The Journal of Music, and The National Music Museum. Our goal is to help provide a space to awe and inspire, share knowledge, and hopefully provide a spark in the imaginations of children and adults of all ages.

oddmusic.com contact Information:   John Pascuzzi, Orange County, California, USA
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If you are writing a story or review, please contact Oddmusic before going to press, so that any questions or permissions regarding copyrighted material on this site that is not the property of Oddmusic, but used by permission, can be resolved. This is usually never a problem, but Oddmusic and the original artists would like to know beforehand. All content on this site is either Copyright Oddmusic, or used by permission.

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