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A HAPI Drum The best selling Steel Tongue Drums around
A Single Thread Music from Oddmusic's curator John Pascuzzi
Amazing Pencilina Bradford Reed's music and his electric 10 stringed untamable invention
America's Shrine to Music Museum A National Treasure at the Campus of University of S. Dakota
Anaphoria.com From the Island of Anaphoria microtonal madness!
AntiTheory Instruments Reed Ghazala's circuitbent clearillogic eccentronic lifeforms
Austin SoundScape Project Placing large scale musical instruments in parks and playgrounds
Bamboo Saxophones Bamboo saxophones, flutes, and more from Argentina
Bash the Trash All about building musical instruments from unusual materials
Bazantar Mark Deutsch's 5-string acoustic bass with 4 drone & 29 sympathetic strings
Bikelophone A palette of sonic exploration, ranging from tranquil bliss to cacophonic terror
Bret Hart Check out Bret's Garden of Instruments . . .  odd things grow there
Burnt Earth Barry Hall's one of a kind ceramic instruments
Buzz Kimball A veteran of experimental instruments & music, enter the Novosonic world
Ceolas Ceolas houses the largest online collection of information on celtic music
Chiff and Fipple The Internet's most comprehensive guide to tin whistles, the undisputed king
Childrens Music Portal free, open source portal serving the children's music industry
Contrabass Mania Sarrusophones & winds so low, they register on seismographs
Dave's Theremin Megalinks All the Theremin links you could want!
David Blonski David's music, didjeridoo's Native American flutes, CD's, studio rentals
Dennis Havlena Instructions for building lowcost instruments - Great resource!
Dreamtime Didjeridu Site Toyoji Tomita's classic Didjeridu site, one of the first ever
eKalimba Electric Kalimba's made by David Bellinger.
EMI Experimental Musical Instruments Grandaddy of unique instrument publishing
FolkUrban Music Musical instrument projects inspired by yesterday, made for today's urban folks.
Freenotes Richard Cooke's Gamlan inspired instruments that look & sound beautiful
Gravikord Home Page The Gravikord Bob Grawi's electric double harps and music
HarpGuitars.net A site solely dedicated to Harp Guitars Biggest resource on the Net
Hurdygurdy Homepage The most extensive online collection of info about the hurdygurdy
Infinite Sector A nonprofit independent collective/label specializing in Experimental music.
Iner Souster Iner Souster and the experimental instruments he lives with (and creates)
ITDE Radio Show "It's Too Damn Early" - weekly experimental broadcast featuring sound art, drone, electroacoustic, minimalist, and all other "difficult" musics.
Jews Harp Guild Learn about the magical essence of this simple instrument
Kaval Homepage Info about the old folk flute from the Balkans, with fingering charts
Junkabilly.com Home of Kentucky's Junkbilly band Monkey Boy
Ken Butler Tons of hybrid instruments and sound sculptures by this renowned artist
Loopers Delight The resource for musicians creating music with audio loops of every sort
Lumonics A specialized sensory environment of light and sound, museum, and music
Luthiers Mercantile International Suppliers of woods, parts, and tools for the luthier
Microtonal Music John Starrett's great resource on all aspects of microtonal music
Miner Museum Gregg Miner's awesome collection of vintage, rare and unusual instruments
Monkey C Band that plays in what can only be described as "Alternative Gamelan"
Moog Music Though Robert Moog is no longer with us, Moog and his vision are alive and well
Mouth Music Press Your onestop source for Mouth Music Products, Trumps, music & more
Museum of Music Inventions Virtual museum of instruments made by grade school students, nice!
Musical Furnishings Sturdy wooden xylophone surfaced furniture you can use, as well as play
MustCreate.org Wonderful nonprofit org reaching 10,000 kids annually with music and arts
Neil Feather Sound Mechanic Imagined and built in the quest for divine music
oddstrument.com Another great site about odd instruments, music & sounds from around the world
Oriscus Dwight Newton's colossal collection of Musical Instruments Resources
Ouviste A Portuguese Music Portal (in English) about music and artists worldwide
Plasm over Ocean View some of the instrumental creations of Dennis BáthoryKitsz
Penumbra Music Hal Rammel's record label distributing creative and experimental music.
Richard A. Waters Multimedia & fine artist, Waterphone inventor, it's music to your eyes.
Scrap Arts Music Vancouver based ensemble playing hyperkinetic scrap metal instruments
Serpent Site Invented in the 1500's, related to Tuba, Euphonium, and Baritone. It's bizarre.
Sonic Awareness Musical community for independent musicians to promote their music & sounds
Steve Wishnevsky Custom Upright Basses, Mandocellos, Archtop guitars, must see site
Sudden Sound Studios The Virtual Monochord, unusual sound samples, & other online resources.
TamburaLand Music from the Lands of Eastern Europe, especially Tamburitza
The Foundation Antropodium Focusing on the music and the publications of Phons Bakx
Theremin World All about Leon Theremin's electronic wonder. Very comprehensive site.
Theremin.info Another great resource for information about Theremin's
Tommy DOG Info relating to the music of Tommy DOG and or The Brain People
Universe of Bagpipes A pathway for all who are enchanted by bagpipes
Unheardof Instruments Australian experimental musical instrument builder Ron Berry's website
120 Years of Electronic Instruments Charts the first electronic instruments to the present day
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