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Listen to the Bowafridgeaphone & Bungee Bass


That’s right; the name of this mammoth beast is the Bowafridgeaphone (bow a fridge a phone). Experimental instrument maker Iner Souster has used refrigerator grates in quite a few of his instruments... Fridge grates, oh fridge grates I love you. Violin bows, on the other hand, are quite afraid of his instruments.

Other items include a broken old speaker, a bundt cake pan, metal salad bowl, and the few other pieces of metal he had lying around his spaceship workshop. There's also 36 strings along the body to help with its resonance, and pick up a few sympathetic tones along the way.

Spines were added to help with bracing, as well as 4 strings along the back to help counter all the tension of the other 36 strings. The previous unbraced and "spineless" version spontaneously self-destructed and imploded during construction, as tightening the 20th string proved to be the camel that broke the Bowafridgeaphone's back.

After coming down from a string induced rage and rethinking plans on complete and utter instrument destruction, Iner meticulously started the process of dismantling the yet to be named Bowafridgeaphone, spending the wee hours of the morning taking it apart, screw by screw, and nail by nail. The current version turned out much better than the original concept, looking sleeker, somewhat lighter, sounding a lot better, and isn’t cracked in half laying out on the street.

The spine of the Bowafridgeaphone,
and a look into the belly of the beast
Iner Souster designs many instruments used by the Toronto based band The Fembots, and many of his musical and art creations can be seen on his blogs at: inersouster.blogspot.com and spaceiner.blogspot.com

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