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Ceramic Instruments

Barry Hall's Globular horns are a very uncommon instrument. Technically, they are a family of buzzed-lip aerophones, related to trumpets and horns in the same way that ocarinas, or globular flutes, are related to tubular flutes. However, although a technical rationale and category exists for them, we have not yet encountered any other instruments of this form. The globular horns Barry builds are low pitched, and can be played in a manner similar to a didjeridu. Finger holes can be added to change the pitch.

Due to the nature of stoneware clay, which is really nothing more than mud that has been formed and baked in a gas oven at over 2,000 degrees fahrenheit, these instruments do not look "perfect" like mass-produced, molded pottery that you may see in stores. The nature of the gas reduction firing process torches the clay and pulls it in all directions, which means that nothing comes out of the kiln perfectly round, or with a perfectly consistent finish. Barry likes to exploit that unknown factor, and you will see many designs and finishes that take advantage of the organic effects of the firing and glazing process. Many of these instruments are primitive in appearance, but they are carefully crafted to be top quality professional musical instruments.

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