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For more info about the Fluba and other interesting instruments owned by musician Jim Self, please visit bassethoundmusic.com


Designed by Robb Stewart, the Fluba is owned by musician Jim Self, who is also a tubist (tuba player). His idea was to have a tuba sized flugel horn, so Robb designed it and made it from parts. The valve section and "guts" are from a Yamaha Eb "compensating" tuba. Robb cut the slides for an F instrument. He used a small F tuba bell about the size of a Yamaha 621 and made the other branches.
Listen to the fluba

The design is like a huge antique flugel horn. It has some beautiful bends and bows and little personal touches--they show that Robb is a great artist and instrument maker. It sounds like something between an F tuba and a cimbasso. The sound is directionally forward and is very mellow sounding. It is a little brighter than a tuba and a little darker than a contra-bass trumpet.


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