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Listen to a sample of the former guitars
Former Guitars

The former guitars have two strings which share tension through a "head" that pivots under the control of a long whammy arm. This configuration causes one string to tighten as the other is loosened, creating a tonal center.

The difference of the strings at rest (equal tension) is an octave, because of the string diameter.

The Former Guitars also have a movable bridge that acts as a big fret for "hammer-on" and other techniques more specific to the instrument.

Pickups are mounted under both ends of the string, allowing for multiple independant string segments. The range of the string tension is two to three octaves. The movable bridge futher divides the string into intervals.

Be sure to visit Neil Feather's website for more info on former guitars, as well as his many other unique, innovative and visionary sound creations, projects and inventions at: www.neilfeather.org



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