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The Gravikord was invented and is built by Bob Grawi.
The instrument is 54 inches long, weighs approximately 5 pounds and has a welded stainless steel frame, wood tuning block, guitar type tuning machines, and a carved bridge with piezoelectric pickup.

The Gravikork is an electric double harp developed from the West African kora. It has been featured in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a patented new invention that has been variously described as "a harp for a bongo player" also as "two harps on a stick to go," or by Garrison Keilor as "A harp for active persons." It is an electric double harp made of modern materials in an ergonomic and minimalist design. It has a 24 string three and one-half octave range of notes, and the general tonal structure of an African kalimba or imbira where notes of a scale alternate from side to side making adjacent strings always in intervals of major or minor thirds. This tonal arrangement makes it a very sweet and open instrument to learn.

For more information, visit the Gravikord website


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