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Michael Hedges
Harp Guitar

The Harp Guitar is a 20-string instrument, shaped much like a guitar, but with an extended second neck, stretching above the main neck of the instrument. This second neck holds seven unfretted bass strings, which are plucked like those of a harp. The six central strings are fretted on the standard guitar neck, and are frequently strummed like on a standard guitar. There are also eight unfretted treble strings below these "guitar" strings, which are also plucked.

Michael Hedges (1953-1997) is a name well known among harp guitar aficionados. The 1986 release of his composition "Because It's There" can be credited with reawakening a great deal of interest in an instrument that had become little more than a pawn shop curiosity. Michael was also known for changing the way people play the guitar. He pioneered the use of slapped harmonics, percussive use of the guitar body, and 2-handed tapping techniques. He was always searching for new sounds with his 6-strings, his harp guitars, an even a few instruments without strings. Michael used Dyer harp guitars and a custom made Klein electric harp guitar. Sadly, Michael was killed in a car accident in 1997

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