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To compliment the papier mache back made of recycled grocery bags, two strings are harp strings, along with a nylon core acoustic bass guitar string, and the three highest-tuned strings are made of fishing line.We don't know who is odder, the 'Jomama or Fred, but Oddmusic likes them both!

Photo credits: Alan Porter

The 'Jomama

Created by Fred Carlson of Beyond the Trees, this wooden-topped banjo/oud creature combines his love of lutherie and passion for mask-making. The 'Jomama has a sculpted back that combines three creature-faces cast in industrial strength papier mache. The top of the 'Jomama is Engelmann spruce, the neck is California black walnut and the fretless fingerboard is ebony. The hardwood friction pegs are each painted with a face on either side of the peg knob or button.

Visit Fred Carlson's BeyondTheTrees.com website for more information on his quality custom stringed instruments and more.


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