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Juggernaut Washtub Bass
Listen to a sample of the Juggernaut with Isaac on vocals
The washtub bass, or "gutbucket," is an American folk instrument that uses a metal washtub as a resonator. Although it is possible for a washtub bass to have four or more strings and tuning pegs, traditional washtub basses have a single string whose pitch is adjusted by pushing or pulling on a staff to change the tension.
The Juggernaut
Created by Isaac Bassard, the Juggernaut is an unusual instrument of the Washtub Bass variety.

It is an unusual innovation on an ancient folk instrument. Isaac says the Juggernaut is "in his blood", and quite true, after he built it, he found out that his father and his brothers used to build their own instruments because they were poor, and his great grandfather used to make his banjo talk well over a hundred years ago.
Juggernaut washtub bass body

The body of the mighty Juggernaut
Infinite variations are possible. The classic model uses a galvanized washtub as the resonating chamber. The neck pivots on the edge of the tub; in other designs, it is anchored in one position. The classic washtub bass produces different notes with a change in tension on the string.


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