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7-String Resonator

Owned and played by Jeff Martin. Adjustable bass string to bass - baritone - standard scale lengths. He uses this unique set up of the 7th string for slide, extension of open tunings, or as a drone string. Andrew Ellis has been working with Jeff for some time now, not only on this guitar but on other odds and ends as well. The seventh string on this guitar has evolved from looking into and researching harp guitars.

Jeff owns a vintage Gibson harp guitar which is the only one from that year of production that's still playable. Unlike bass strings on harp guitars which are designed for drone strings or backing, the seventh string on this guitar can also be played with a slide. The scale length can be changed quickly and easily because it is a floating string with no frets interfering causing intonation problems. As far as we can tell this is the only instrument of this kind in the world. It is great to have this guitar in the hands of an internationally recognized player who can bring out its full potential.
For information on Jeff's music, visit The Tea Party and visit the Ellis Guitars website


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