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The Uncello was created for the chamber opera Plasm over ocean in 1977, premiered by the Dashuki Music Theatre at the World Trade Center on June 19. It was featured in New Jersey Monthly magazine and on New Jersey Public Television.

The instrument was built of rock maple with standard cello strings and bridge, and a glass bowl as a resonator. It was tuned with harpsichord pegs at the top of its high arc, and the tailpiece was made of plexiglas. The entire instrument, except for the arc, was bolted together and could be taken apart for travel and storage. The Uncello was still quiet, and for public performances of the opera, it was amplified with a contact microphone on the bridge. The sound was very reedy, more like a gamba than a cello, but the resonance was just plain strange.

Sound sample coming soon

Check out the website of Dennis Bathory-Kitsz for more info on the artist and his adventures in sound.


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