circuit bending presents:
 a look into circuit-bent instruments
Reed Ghazala's clear-illogic anti-theory approach
to making living instruments & bio-electronic audio sapiens
How did it all begin?       Flashback to 1967

What is Circuit Bending, Anti-Theory & clear-illogic

Reed Ghazala's Art of Circuit Bending  -  a benders guide

Living Instruments - The Casio SK-1:  Escapist Sample Shuttle

Photo Gallery - A collection of R. Ghazala's Circuit Bent Instruments

About Circuit-Bent Instruments  -  and some of the people who use them

Resource: Circuit Bending book written by Reed Ghazala, inventor of bending

dogs do not study art.  they don't have to.
appreciation of artwork comes naturally to dogs
nothing that is there for dogs is lost.  it is the same with cats
a sniff,  a raised tail...    and all is well.     Oh, should it be so easy!

-- Q.Reed Ghazala

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