circuit bending
CLosINg   WoRds

Circuit-bending, for the most part, is self-illustrative. Following these guidelines the art will begin to unfold itself to the experimenter. While this discussion has remained fairly topical to construction techniques, much of the intrigue of this new art lies in the growing extra-technical anti-theory it illustrates as well as the new contemplations of music that circuit-bending forces. The art born of the composer in addressing these new instrument sounds, in arranging, in being sensitive to the instrument's requests and in setting appropriate themes, will become circuit-bending's fine aesthetic. Here is the greatest challenge, and herein await the greatest rewards. Circuit-bending is poised at the brink of a future. But like a wooden arrow aside a foggy road, it can only point toward the next bend. So let us dream a future, you and I, and continue to leave our signposts in the sand.

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Circuit-Bending : Build Your Own Alien Instruments
Reed Ghazala
ISBN: 0-7645-8887-7
450 pages
July 2005

US $29.99

* Fans will get bent out of shape if they miss the first book to cover circuit-bending-"bending," for short-the method by which an electronic toy or a device such as a keyboard is short-circuited and modified to create an entirely different sound

* Written by the inventor of the technology, this book covers the tools of the trade, shows how to build a bending workshop, and reveals secrets that will have readers of all levels making sweet music in no time

* Readers learn basic bends, body contacts, and other bending skills, as well as ways to create bent instruments from a variety of popular toys and electronic devices

* Features some of the author's own unique creations

Buy Directly from Wiley Publishers Online


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