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With screenshota focus on unusual, ethnic, and experimental musical instruments, the noise-loving folks at take tunes to new heights. The gallery is the heart of the site and contains photos, descriptions, and sound clips from over 80 types of odd musical instruments. The Australian didgeridoo may be the oldest wind instrument in the world. The amazing pencilina has nothing to do with the writing utensil -- instead it's a "collision" of dulcimer, bass, koto, and slide guitar. Named like a Dr. Seuss creation, the fiddle-dee-doo is a globu-tubular horn with goatskin resonator. Vintage harp-mandolins look like fantastical toys. For a taste of authentic rock music, it's hard to beat the singing stones. Don't miss features like an in-depth look at the spooky theremin, one of the earliest electronic instruments. As you delve into unique new musical experiences, you'll want to stay open to the odd (in Music)

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